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As an organization, we look at the world through two sets of eyes –
rooted in both Indigenous and Western ways of knowing and being.

Two Eyed Seeing was formed in 2019, by husband and wife partners – Dean Heron and Therese Hagen, to specialize in bringing together unique and balanced teams of people to deliver on the specific needs identified by Indigenous communities and their partners.


At Two Eyed Seeing, we believe in the power of bringing both world views to any situation and circumstance.   What results are ways forward that are firmly rooted in the beliefs and knowing of where we come from, that also utilize the practices and standards of the world we live in today.


Investing in Indigenous Futures

Two Eyed Seeing Consulting is a majority Indigenous owned Community Contribution Corporation (C3). A C3 is a type of corporate structure that is a blend between a private enterprise and a non-profit entity. Specifically, a C3 ensures that 60% of profits made, go to charitable or non-profit ventures. In the case of Two Eyed Seeing, this means 60% of our profits are directly invested in Indigenous culture, education and workforce readiness programming for youth and adults alike.


Let's work together.





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