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Community Led Process To Create Practical and Realistic Solutions

We pride ourselves on our vast range of experiences; knowing that together, we bring a unique ability to engage with all community members as well as external partners, to collaborate and create a way forward that is based in practical and realistic solutions for what the community is dealing with and the direction it wants to go.

Our team members have extensive experience in their field of expertise and a thorough knowledge of working with Indigenous communities across British Columbia. All have a wealth of experience working in, and for small communities, in addition to building collaborative relationships amongst communities, with government, industry and other entities.

The team at Two Eyed Seeing brings decades of experience in private industry as well as both the Indigenous and Provincial government systems.

We have a range of expertise, including but not limited to:
  • community engagement and communications

  • tourism and small business start-up

  • governance and strategic development

  • systems, standards, policy and law development

  • government administration

  • human resource planning and support

  • workforce readiness planning

  • youth and adult education supports and mentorship

  • pre-employment skills training

  • health programming

  • natural resource management

  • forestry operations

  • environmental assessment and monitoring

  • major project negotiations

  • cultural programming development and delivery

  • cultural knowledge advisory services


Let's work together.





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